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SEP 2017 Program Update Webinar

The Superior Energy Performance® (SEP®) certification program has been updated to the 2017 version and is now available for facilities seeking initial certification or recertification to SEP. The 2017 update (SEP 2017) streamlines and simplifies SEP program documents and requirements based on input from stakeholders using the program. This webinar describes the SEP 2017 program updates in more detail.

Measurement and Verification Case Study Webinars

AMO hosts a series of case study webinars to highlight the successes of facilities that have achieved Superior Energy Performance (SEP) program certification. These webinars tackle measurement and verification (M&V) challenges and offer solutions for producing accurate, credible achievement of energy performance improvement. Please visit this page for information on past and future webinars.

  • Detroit Diesel, July 14, 2016
    • Daimler’s Detroit Diesel Corporation facility used the SEP M&V process to quantify energy and cost savings and demonstrate a strong return on investment. This webinar demonstrated how Detroit Diesel used a rigorous energy management system to meet the ISO 50001 standard and save an impressive $37 million over 10 years.
  • Cummins, November 19, 2015
    • At its facility in Rocky Mount, NC, Cummins both manufactures and tests its engines before shipment. This webinar demonstrated how implementing SEP helped the energy team develop a more robust measurement approach of their energy performance, including how to properly measure energy consumption of both the manufacturing and engine testing processes.
  • HARBEC, September 9, 2015
    • ​HARBEC, a small company, has aggressively pursued alternative energy sources including renewable energy and combined heat and power. This webinar demonstrated how the SEP M&V Protocol was able to effectively model this diverse energy supply and to demonstrate a meaningful measure of energy performance improvement.
  • MedImmune, June 24, 2015
    • While implementing SEP, Medimmune made a major expansion of a new building, thus changing energy consumption on site. This webinar describes how Medimmune adjusted for the new building’s impact on overall facility energy performance as they achieved SEP certification.
  • Please visit this page for information on future webinars