AMO's R&D projects explore novel energy-efficient, next-generation materials and innovative process technologies for both targeting specific industry sectors and a wider range of manufacturing industries. In addition, R&D projects focus on foundational or advanced energy technologies across multiple industry sectors. All of AMO's R&D investments are high impact, use project diversity to spread risk, target nationally important innovations at critical decision points, and contribute to quantifiable energy savings.

Research Portfolios

Electric Machines

Technology advancements in power electronics and motors for a wide variety of critical energy applications.

Combined Heat and Power

CHP and distributed energy systems can pave the way for accelerated deployment in manufacturing and other applications.

High Performance Computing

HPC4Mfg enables U.S. industry to take advantage of national laboratory high performance computing capabilities to solve major manufacturing challenges.

Lab-Embedded Entrepreneurship Programs

The Lab-Embedded Entrepreneurship Programs provide an institutional home for innovative postdoctoral researchers to build their research into products and train to be entrepreneurs.

Next Generation Manufacturing Processes

New manufacturing processes, simulation tools, and technologies are pursued in key areas to lower the energy intensity of manufacturing.

Emerging Research Exploration

Projects in the Emerging Research Exploration portfolio focus on assessing new technologies for their potential and encourage contributions from new partners.

Innovative Process and Materials Technologies

These cost-shared projects are selected through a competitive process from exceptional research teams working on foundational process and materials technologies.

Small Business Innovation Research

SBIR awards support small businesses to advance scientific discoveries and develop and commercialize manufacturing solutions.

Next Generation Materials

Innovative materials can open new design spaces for high-performance and renewable energy technology manufacturing. Projects focus on three areas with clear energy, carbon, and economic benefits.

Partner Engagement

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