The Manufacturing Demonstration Facility (MDF) is a collabora­tive manufacturing community that shares a common RD&D infrastructure. This shared infrastructure provides affordable access to advanced physical and virtual tools for rapidly demonstrating new manufacturing technologies and optimizing critical processes. Oak Ridge National Laboratory is home to AMO's MDF focused on Additive Manufacturing and Low-cost Carbon Fiber.

Fostering Collaboration to Accelerate Progress

Work conducted by MDF partners and users provides real data that is used to reduce the technical risk associated with full commercialization of promising foundational manufacturing process and materials innovations. The MDF is organized to foster an open exchange of pre-competitive manufacturing best-practices and know-how—including design and processing tools, qualification and certification approaches, and fabrication costing methods—while still protecting a company's proprietary intellectual property. MDF staff include designers, manufacturing experts, and product evaluators to guide and train users. Technology developers may use a variety of collaboration instruments. The MDF may also host interns and guest workers from industry, academia, and government.

AMO hosted a MDF Workshop in Chicago on March 12, 2012.