DOE continually seeks nominations. See Candidate Identification Process for details on how to submit a nomination.

The Committee shall be comprised of not fewer than 16 members and not more than 20 members, who shall be appointed by the Secretary, in consultation with the Director.

The members shall be appointed by the Secretary, in consultation with the Director, to serve as representatives, Federal Government employees, and special Government employees (SGEs) in accordance with the following membership requirements articulated in the EISA:

  • Not less than 1 representative of each relevant Federal agency, as determined by the Secretary;
  • Chair of the Secretary of Energy Advisory Board, if that position is filled;
  • Not less than 2 representatives of labor groups;
  • Not less than 3 representatives of the research community, which shall include academia and National Laboratories;
  • Not less than 2 representatives of nongovernmental organizations;
  • Not less than 6 representatives of small- and large-scale industry, the collective expertise of which shall cover every focus area described in section 454(c) of EISA;
  • Not less than 1 representative of a State government; and
  • Any other individuals the Secretary, in coordination with the Director, determines to be necessary to ensure that the Committee is comprised of a diverse group of representatives of industry, academia, independent researchers, and public and private entities.

Committee members will be selected to fulfill membership requirements and mission. Committee members will also be selected to reflect the principles of inclusion, equity, and diversity, and to ensure that the Committee’s recommendations strive for equitable distribution of benefits for all Americans, including people of color and others who have been historically underserved, marginalized, and adversely affected by persistent poverty and inequality. The Secretary and the Director also will strive for geographic diversity in the composition of the Committee.

The Membership Balance Plan guides the approach for the selection of Committee members. The Candidate Identification Process page contains details about how to submit a nomination.


All meetings for the Committee will be announced in Federal Register Notices to engage all interested people and organizations in the process.


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