The Wind Digital Solutions Summit is the premier virtual conference exploring how digital technologies' innovations make wind energy more safe, reliable, and accessible through AI, big data, robotics, and automation.

This virtual event takes place April 20–21, 2021, and features keynotes and sessions by industry leaders, influencers, technical experts, investors, and policymakers.

A one-stop hub for digital transformation

The past decade has brought global adoptions of new digital technologies front and center—improving organizational productivity and efficiencies while bridging the gap across engineering communities. Recognizing the potential, wind industry leaders are asking what they need to do to digitally transform their business, best practices they can leverage, and how they can accelerate their transformation.

This event brings wind industry experts together to:

  • Share how digital technologies are transforming the wind workspace and workforce.
  • Highlight innovators that are taking steps to integrate these technologies
  • Provide insights on current state of investment in offshore and renewable energy from policymakers, local, state, and federal government, and financiers.
  • Examine how these technologies are helping companies meet their carbon neutrality goals and commitments.

Blake Marshall, Technology Manager for the Advanced Manufacturing Office, Department of Energy will participate in the 3D-Printing: Powering Wind Forward on April 20 from 11:15 AM -12:00 PM ET.

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