The increasingly global context in which businesses operate supports innovation, but also increases uncertainty around supply chain and other disruptions in industrial systems. The COVID-19 pandemic has clearly shown the lack of infrastructure resilience and the impact that disruptions may have on a global network scale as individual supply chain connections and nodes fail. This cascading failure underscores the need for the network analysis and advanced resilience analytics we find lacking in the existing literature.

This 60-minute webinar reviews approaches to resilience conceptualization and quantification. The common goal of complex system modeling has been to optimize efficiency and reduce costs, but tradeoffs of efficiency and leanness with flexibility and resilience may not have been fully addressed. You will learn about a comprehensive approach to network resilience quantification encompassing the supply chain in the context of other social and physical networks. The connection to systemic threats, such as disease pandemics, will be specifically discussed.

What you'll learn:

  • A comprehensive approach to network resilience
  • Navigating systemic threats, i.e., disease pandemics
  • How to quantify infrastructure resilience
  • Importance of advanced resilience analytics

This webinar is part of ongoing Education & Workforce Development efforts of the RAPID Manufacturing Institute.

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