The AMO Multi-Year Program Plan (MYPP) sets forth the mission, goals, and plan of the Advanced Manufacturing Office for Fiscal Years 2017 through 2021. This MYPP is intended for use as an operational guide to help AMO manage and coordinate its activities, as well as a resource to help communicate its priorities and opportunities to stakeholders and the public by identifying the technology, outreach, and crosscutting activities the Office plans to focus on over the next five years.

Technical targets are provided for each of the activity areas, along with a brief summary of why these activities are important to addressing the energy and competitiveness challenges facing the nation and manufacturing in particular. The Plan also establishes targets and metrics for diverse technology RD&D areas that will significantly improve manufacturing energy use and the life cycle energy of manufactured products.

The Office supports the Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy’s (EERE) vision of a strong and prosperous America powered by clean, affordable, and secure energy. AMO is the only technology development office within the U.S. Government that is dedicated to improving the energy and material efficiency, productivity, and competitiveness of U.S. manufacturers.

AMO seeks to drive energy productivity improvements by bringing together manufacturers, research institutions, and institutes of higher education to identify challenges; catalyze innovations; and develop cutting-edge materials, process focus, and information technologies needed for an efficient and competitive domestic manufacturing sector.