Training: Process Heating Systems

April 16, 2014

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Learn about the diverse training sessions offered. The courses are taught by highly qualified instructors who have met rigorous standards. View additional process heating system resources.

Process Heating Assessment and Survey Tool Training – ONLINE TRAINING AND QUALIFIED SPECIALISTS

Availability: Online self-paced workshop

For access to online training in this area visit the National Training & Education Resource to access this self-paced workshop. New users are required to create an account to access trainings.

Qualified Specialists are industry professionals who have completed additional training in the use of DOE assessment and analysis software tools. Qualified Specialists in your area are available to help optimize process heating, steam, pumps, fan, and compressed air systems.Locate a DOE-trained Qualified Specialist in your area to help optimize industrial plant efficiency for process heating systems.

Course Instructors

The individuals identified below are able to teach in person courses in the Process Heat area and around the DOE PHAST tool. They may be contacted directly if you have such interest. These instructorso have met rigorous standards.

Name Email Phone Location
Baukal, Charles 918-234-2854 OK
Bennett, Richard (Dick) 815-601-7074 IL
Martin, Richard 918-269-7896 OK
Quinn, Dennis 216-271-6000 x417 OH
Thekdi, Arvind 240-715-4333 TX