The Department of Energy's (DOE) Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy is hiring two critical senior-level positions: The Director of the Industrial Efficiency and Decarbonization Program and the Director of the Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Technology Program. We welcome your interest and help in sharing these roles with your networks. The positions are open to the public and others listed in each posting.

The Industrial Efficiency and Decarbonization program supports innovation in technologies and the adoption of practices to enable the industrial sector to cost effectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The program includes an emphasis on industrial emissions reduction technology such as industrial energy efficiency, electrification, low carbon fuels and feedstocks, CO2 capture and utilization and other technologies. These efforts will reduce dependence on foreign energy resources, reduce the energy intensity of our economy, and reduce the environmental impact of industry on our communities, while achieving cost-effective enhancements that will improve U.S. competitiveness.

The Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Technologies program researches, develops and demonstrates next-generation materials and clean energy manufacturing technologies to increase U.S. industrial competitiveness and drive economy-wide decarbonization. This includes efforts to improve the security and resiliency of supply chains for critical minerals for advanced batteries, electric motor/ generator magnets, hydrogen production, and other clean energy technologies, as well as developing diverse innovation ecosystems leading to new manufacturing jobs and increased economic strength for the country. 

Each director will manage and direct the development, implementation, and evaluation of their programs, as well as identify and integrate the scientific, engineering, and technical resources necessary to conduct their technology research and demonstration programs. The directors will manage the transfer of new technology to industries via public-private partnerships, and manage technology efforts performed by national research laboratories, universities, consortia, and others. They will oversee the development and implementation of multi-year program plans and annual operating plans and manage the application of resources through each program’s large multi-function staff. 

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