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Department of Energy’s Advanced Manufacturing Office
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The Advanced Manufacturing Office is the only technology development office within the U.S. Government that is dedicated to improving the energy and material efficiency, productivity, and competitiveness of manufacturers across the industrial sector.

AMO brings together manufacturers, not-for-profit entities, research organizations, and institutions of higher education to identify challenges; catalyze innovations; and develop cutting-edge material, process, and information technologies needed for an efficient and competitive domestic manufacturing sector. By targeting efficient manufacturing technologies, AMO seeks to drive energy productivity improvements in the U.S. manufacturing sector, efficiently utilize abundant and available domestic energy resources, and support the manufacture of clean energy products with benefits extending across the economy.

AMO pursues its goals through three subprogram approaches: individual Advanced Manufacturing Applied Research and Development (R&D) Projects, pre-commercial Advanced Manufacturing R&D Consortia, and Technical Partnerships.

AMO supports EERE’s strategic goal to promote American energy dominance through affordable and reliable energy production and use, which advances economic growth and energy security.

More Information

Vision, Mission, and Goals
View the strategic framework of the Advanced Manufacturing Office.
Office Structure
AMO pursues its goals through three subprogram approaches.
Technology Focus Areas
AMO collaborated with the U.S. national laboratories to develop fourteen manufacturing-focused technology assessments.
Energy Analysis, Data and Reports
AMO conducts rigorous analyses to support its decision making and activities. These range from benchmarking studies to assessments of technologies.