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The Department of Energy’s (DOE) Enterprise Assessments programs provide DOE line management, Congress, and other stakeholders with an independent evaluation of the effectiveness of DOE policy and line management performance in safety and security, and other critical areas as directed by the Secretary of Energy. This information provides assurance to our stakeholders and identifies areas for improvement to our leadership to support the safe performance of the Department’s mission. More information about this program is available in DOE Order 227.1A, Independent Oversight Program, and the Independent Oversight Program Appraisal Process Protocols.


John S. Boulden III, Director, Cyber Security Assessments

Thomas R. Staker, Director, Environment, Safety and Health Assessments

The Department of Energy’s Office of Environment, Safety and Health Assessments, within the Office of Enterprise Assessments, is responsible for conducting assessments to provide information on programs and performance in protecting our workers, the public, and environment from hazards present at Department sites and operations.

Security and cyber programs provide the Department with an independent evaluation of the effectiveness of safeguards and security and classified and unclassified cyber security policies and programs throughout the complex, including protection of special nuclear material, and classified and sensitive information. Through expert program and technical analysis, a continuous program for assessing the security of DOE classified and unclassified networks is maintained, and cyber security trends and studies of complex-wide issues provide essential information assurance practices to DOE Headquarters and sites.