`The U.S. Government is seeking a site for a monitored retrievable storage facility (MRS). Employing proven technologies used in this country and abroad, the MRS will be an Integral part of the Federal system for safe and permanent disposal of the nation's high-level radioactive wastes. The MRS will accept shipments of spent fuel from commercial nuclear power plants, temporarily store the spent fuel above ground, and stage shipments of it to a geologic repository for permanent disposal.

The law authorizing the MRS provides an opportunity for a State or an Indian Tribe to volunteer to host the MRS. The law establishes the Office of the Nuclear Waste Negotiator, who Is 10 seek a State or an Indian Tribe willing to host an MRS at a technically-qualified site on reasonable terms, and Is to negotiate a propose agreement specifying the terms and conditions under which the MRS would be developed and operated at that site.

This agreement can ensure that the MRS is acceptable to-and benefits-the host community. The proposed agreement must be submitted to Congress and enacted into Jaw to become effective.

This technical background information presents an overview of various aspects of a monitored retrievable storage facility, including the process by which it will be developed. While each section treats a different topic, some sections are closely interrelated, and cross references are provided where appropriate.