FY16 Budget Rollout Fact Sheet

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Download the fact sheet below to read the full highlights of the President's FY 2016 Budget for the Department of Energy, which provides $30 billion to support the Department in the areas of nuclear security, clean energy, environmental cleanup, climate change response, science and innovation.

This includes:

  • Supporting a nearly $5 billion all-of-the-above transformational research and development portfolio in critical energy technology areas, including advanced manufacturing, energy efficiency, solar and other renewable energy, grid modernization, nuclear safety, and advanced coal and natural gas technologies with integrated carbon capture and storage;
  • Providing $5.3 billion to support DOE’s role as the backbone for America’s research community, especially in the physical sciences, as the foundation for discovery and innovation;
  • Continuing to investment in our nuclear security with $12.6 billion for the National Nuclear Security Administration to maintain a safe, reliable and effective stockpile without testing, modernizing the nuclear security infrastructure, reduce the threats of nuclear proliferation and nuclear terrorism, and provide a 21st century capability for the nuclear Navy;
  • Investing $5.8 billion in the Department’s critical nuclear legacy cleanup responsibilities to protect human health and the environment; and
  • Expanding crosscutting initiatives introduced in the President’s FY 2015 Budget Request to advance key priorities and improve project integration while avoiding duplication across programs.


  • Supports DOE’s renewed emphasis on management and performance by investing in efforts to improve and institutionalize project management, human resource delivery and information technology infrastructure.