Energy Innovation Portfolio Plan FY 2018-FY 2022

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Global energy markets are transforming. Technology improvements in production of oil and gas, deep reductions in the cost of solar and wind technologies, increasing energy efficiency, and efforts to modernize the transmission and distribution of electric power, including deployment of energy storage, are reshaping the energy landscape for the United States and the world. Economies that are based on efficient, abundant, cost-effective, and clean energy supplies will lead international economic competition. Because of the United States’ longstanding commitment to technology innovation, it is well-positioned to lead energy innovation and capture the economic and environmental benefits, even as other countries step up their own investments in developing and deploying new energy technologies.

The Department of Energy (DOE) is the largest funder of clean energy innovation in the United States. DOE conducted a strategic review of its science and energy technology research and development (R&D) programs over the second half of 2016. The review assessed DOE’s current investment portfolio and identified the future portfolio of investments necessary to ensure U.S. leadership in innovating for the global clean energy future. Based on that review, this report outlines a plan to double Federal investments in DOE's science and energy technology R&D programs.