To meet our nation’s strategic energy objectives of a secure, competitive, and environmentally responsible energy system, broad deployment of a range of advanced energy technologies will be needed. By approaching these reviews from an energy system perspective, four overarching themes emerged:

  • Energy systems convergence
  • Diversification within the energy sectors
  • Energy efficiency everywhere
  • Confluence of computational and empirical capabilities

Six sets of core opportunities for specific RDD&D activities are presented, organized by the energy sectors represented in the technical chapters of this report:

  • Enabling modernization of electric power systems
  • Advancing clean electric power technologies
  • Increasing efficiency of building systems and technologies
  • Innovating clean energy technologies in advanced manufacturing
  • Advancing systems and technologies to produce cleaner fuels
  • Advancing clean transportation and vehicle systems and technologies

Twelve cross-cutting technology areas are identified. These avenues of research with benefits across multiple sectors could be pursued through new research initiatives and/or by facilitating more communication between, and enhanced alignment of, existing activities. These cross-cutting technology areas are:

  • Electric grid modernization
  • Systems integration
  • Cybersecurity
  • Energy-water nexus
  • Subsurface science and technologies
  • Materials
  • Fuel/engine co-optimization
  • Energy storage
  • Computational modeling and simulation
  • Data and analysis
  • Analysis of complex systems
  • Characterization and control of material at multi-scales

 These issues are summarized in this chapter.