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The pace of change within the nation’s energy sector and demographic makeup demands that we better use our economic resources and human capital.

The Energy Workforce Division, in the Office of Minority Programs, supports entrepreneurship, innovation, and job creation for diverse communities in the high-growth energy sector and in DOE programs and research opportunities. These efforts directly support the Administration’s goals of job creation and increasing business opportunities for underrepresented communities.

Our programs and collaborations are designed to increase interest and access to energy sector opportunities. We do this through our established relationships with industry, trade associations, academia, and federal agencies.

We work with our partners to develop tools, resources, and technical assistance opportunities to increase participation in the energy economy.

Oil & Gas Toolkit

Oil & Gas Workforce Development Resource Map

The Oil & Gas Workforce Development Map is a connection point for people to jobs in the Oil & Gas sector of the Energy Industry. Careers that support the energy Industry range from STEM and technical fields to transportation and logistics services. The energy industry is one that reaches every person and business around the nation. Find your path to a new career supporting the industry today.

Oil & Gas Workforce Development Map

The Oil & Gas Toolkit is designed to help connect  jobseekers and employers in the Oil & Gas Industry to resources that will help them grow in the Oil & Gas Sector. 

Energy Affordability Resources

Energy Affordability Resource Map

Energy affordability is a critical part of the Equity in Energy initiative. The Energy Affordability Resource map is a resource for homeowners and renters to identify energy affordability programs that can assist them.

Energy Affordability Resource Map

If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Energy Workforce Division.