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Power Sources Challenge

We have energy challenges that require us to think cleverly about power sources we use now and also count on in the future. This means we should prioritize using more renewable (or clean) energy. Nature has an abundance of it: the sun rises, the wind blows, and rivers flow. The U.S. Department of Energy depends on scientists and engineers who are passionately working to improve existing energy sources and discover new ones. They go to work just like everybody else; but as part of their jobs, they get to be energy pioneers who think of things that have never been thought of before. Their work takes them wherever they are needed, from helping millions in big cities to providing access to solar panels for people in remote communities.

Girls of Energy Lessons and Activities

What is plasma? When you think of plasma, where do you think you can find it? How does plasma relate to energy? How cool would it be if you could make your own plasma ball from the comfort of your home or school?
Power Sources - Plasma Ball

What if we could harness the power of the Sun for energy here on Earth? What would it take to accomplish this feat? Is it possible?  In order to understand a little more about fusion energy, you will learn about the atom and how reactions at the atomic level produce energy.
Power Sources - Fusion Physics