Portrait of Patricia Zarate

Ms. Zarate has worked at the Department of Energy for fourteen years.  She currently serves as the Deputy Director for Civil Rights and Equal Employment Opportunity.    

In her capacity as Deputy Director, Ms. Zarate provides executive direction for the Civil Rights Division, as well as the EEO, Assessment, and Compliance Division.  Ms. Zarate is also responsible for oversight and implementation of the EEO Functional Realignment and the creation of the EEO Corporate Services and Oversight Division within the Office of Civil Rights and Equal Employment Opportunity.  

Ms. Zarate is responsible for formulating and executing equal employment opportunity (EEO) policies and practices, overseeing the internal EEO complaint process and external civil rights monitoring and enforcement functions (including discrimination complaints and compliance reviews pertaining to DOE financial assistance recipients), and advising Departmental leaders, managers, and employees of their rights and responsibilities with respect to federal anti-discrimination and anti-harassment laws and regulations.

Prior to joining the Department, Ms. Zarate worked as a briefing attorney for the Honorable Nelda V. Rodriguez of the Texas Thirteenth District Court of Appeals.

Ms. Zarate graduated cum laude from St. Mary’s University School of Law.  She received her B.S.F.S. degree from Georgetown University.  Ms. Zarate is licensed to practice law in the State of Texas and the District of Columbia.