Please join Secretary Jennifer M. Granholm and Director Shalanda Baker for the Justice40 Kickoff Webinar on August 17th, from 2:00 – 3:30 pm EST. This webinar will introduce how the Department of Energy is implementing the Justice40 Initiative and feature representatives from offices across the Department of Energy highlighting their programs, including those funded by the historic Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. This webinar is free and is open to all.

Speakers Include:

  • Secretary Jennifer Granholm, Department of Energy
  • Shalanda Baker, Director, Office of Economic Impact and Diversity
  • Dr. Tony Reames, Deputy Director, Office of Economic Impact and Diversity 
  • Jeremiah Baumann, Chief of Staff to the Undersecretary of Infrastructure
  • Sonrisa Lucero, Special Advisor for Stakeholder Engagement, Office of Economic Impact and Diversity 
  • Annamaria Garcia, Director, Weatherization and Intergovernmental Programs Office
  • Nicole Steele, Program Manager, Workforce and Equitable Access - Solar Energy Technologies Office
  • Dr. Alexis McKittrick, Program manager, Geothermal Technologies Office
  • Margaret Smith, Technology Manager, Clean Cities, Vehicle Technologies Office
  • Dr. Julie Carruthers, Senior Science and Technology Advisor, Office of Science, RENEW

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