Special Emphasis Observances

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The Department of Energy observes special days, weeks, and months as reflected in the below list of special program observances.  Observances are held annually in compliance with Executive Order 11478, 29 CFR Part 1614.102(b)(4), joint Congressional Resolutions, Presidential Proclamations, and the Department’s diversity and inclusion goals as articulated in the Department of Energy’s Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan for 2012-2015. 

Managers and supervisors are encouraged to engage in planning and implementing initiatives that promote employment, training, and career advancement opportunities in order to sustain a productive, diverse, and inclusive Departmental workforce to best serve our Nation.  Showing our support as senior leaders and making a concerted effort to attend and participate in these observances is crucial in communicating the value each employee brings to the Department.  

Black History Month

The Dream 

AA Pacific Island

MLK Commemorative

Observing Special Emphasis Events

Suggested activities include, but are not restricted to the following: