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Dr. Kristina Johnson is the Founder & CEO, Cube Hydro Partners. Most recently, she served as Under Secretary of Energy at the U.S. Department of Energy. As Under Secretary, she was responsible for unifying and managing a broad $10.5 billion Energy and Environment portfolio, including an additional $37 billion in energy and environment investments from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).

Under her leadership, the Department developed an integrated Strategic Technologies Energy Plan for reducing our dependence on imported oil by 75%, achieving greenhouse gas reductions of 83% by 2050, and achieving 80% low-carbon electricity by 2035. Kristina has received numerous recognitions for contributions to her field, including the John Fritz Medal, considered the highest award given in the engineering profession.

Most Recent

Smart Grid: Building a Wireless Connection
October 7, 2010

Along with creating tens of thousands of new jobs, bringing our grid into the 21st century will give consumers and businesses the information they...

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A Boost for Small Business
September 15, 2010

Phase III Xlerator awards go out to 33 small businesses in 16 states to make clean energy technology a commercial reality.

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Strengthening America’s Energy Future through Education and Workforce Development
August 11, 2010

To have a strong clean energy revolution we need a strong energy workforce. Learn more about what the Department has done to learn about potential...

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How the Recovery Act is Affecting Small Business Innovation
August 2, 2010

Small businesses create nearly two of every three jobs, so supporting them is important for the economy. Over 200 small businesses in 34 states...

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Helping Small Businesses Bring Their Clean Energy Ideas to the Marketplace
July 22, 2010

The Department announces funding for qualified small businesses to support the commercialization of new technologies.

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Clean Energy Education and Empowerment “C-3E” Women’s Initiative
July 20, 2010

The clean energy revolution will progress farther and faster if it draws on the brightest minds everywhere.

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