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SBA Announces New Apps for Small Businesses

December 20, 2011

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The Small Business Administration has long worked in partnership with its fellow agencies to support small businesses across the country. Today they've announced yet another point of access for small businesses seeking to work with the federal government  - apps. The brainchild of SBA's "Apps for Entrepreneurs Challenge," these apps can be downloaded straight to your smart phone or tablet device, and navigate their way through several websites at once to find the best resources for small businesses looking for grants, loans, or pathways to doing business with the federal government.

The winner of the competition, Somesh Kumar, lives in Freemont, California. His winning app netted him $5,000, and the chance to share his electrionic roadmap for small business resources with all of America. 

“Smart phones and tablets are increasingly the vehicles through which Americans access information,” said SBA Administrator Karen Mills. “This is certainly true of many entrepreneurs and small business owners.  Greater mobility fits with SBA’s new focus and is among the steps we are taking to do a better job of connecting entrepreneurs and small business owners with the tools to help them start or grow their businesses and create jobs.”

Kumar's app was one of seven overall winners. Check out the others here and get full information and downloads on the SBA website.

  • CapitaList – Find federal databases for licenses, awards, proposals and websites.
  • Small Business Toolbox – Find small business programs, SBA offices, and more.
  • SBA Loan Search App -- Find loans, venture capital, tax incentives etc.
  • Energy SBA – Find property rights, oil and gas leases, solar etc.
  • SB Alert – Find contracting opportunities and get push notifications.
  • Everything For The Entrepreneur – Find SBIR solicitations and more.