MEISPP students pose for a group picture
U.S. Department of Energy

Applications for Summer 2019 MEISPP internships are open until March 31, 2019. Learn more about the MEISPP internship program, including eligibility, key dates and where to apply.

What makes an internship great?

If you ask students, they’ll probably tell you:

1. An interesting work assignment, and

2. Making contacts

But, for a lot of students, money is the determining factor. Many cannot afford unpaid internships and for some, even a stipend is not enough. Which leads us to the #1 reason MEISPP internships are great.

1. Internships include housing and round trip airfare (and yes, a stipend as well)

Students can fly in from home or college at no cost, they get free housing in dorms at local universities and they get a stipend to cover other living expenses.

2. The program actively recruits minority students

Women and minorities are under-represented in the STEM workforce. Getting minority students exposed to a variety of interesting, well-paid STEM careers is one way to increase their numbers in the energy sector pipeline. MEISPP actively recruits at minority serving educational institutions, as well as colleges and universities with large minority student populations.  The students are geographically diverse, too. Last year, students came from 22 states and Puerto Rico.

3. A wide variety of assignments

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) is a big and exciting place. Students may work in Washington, DC, or at one of the  DOE’s 17 national labs nationwide or at a field office. Assignments vary widely and students gain exposure to jobs they didn’t even know existed. It’s a good way to see that the federal government is not a silo. Federal agencies like the DOE work closely with schools, businesses, nonprofits and other governmental entities at home and abroad to fulfill their mission.


A map of the United States showing that MEISPP students came from many states in 2018.
U.S. Department of Energy

MEISPP was designed to fully accommodate students so their only concern during the summer is making connections, learning, establishing themselves amongst professionals, and setting themselves up for success for the future.

A 2018 MEISPP intern

4. Professional development workshops

Students also attend professional development workshops to improve their ability to be successful in the workplace. They get a break from the day’s work, get together with other interns and learn practical skills for success. Typical workshop topics include Elevator Pitches, Resume Writing, and Personal Branding.

5. It’s not just about DC

DC is a walkable city with good public transportation. The city is chock full of interns in the summer and offers a lot of historical, cultural and entertainment opportunities - many of them free. The students who do not get assigned to DC will be working at other exciting locations across the country, like one of the DOE’s 17 science & research labs or a field office. Check out our interactive map to see where the labs are located.

6. A successful program, 13 years strong

Over 700 students participated in a MEISPP internship over the past 13 years. The program is well-honed and always looking to improve the experience of both mentors and students.   

Applications for Summer 2019 MEISPP internships are open until March 31, 2019. Learn more about the MEISPP internship program, including eligibility, key dates and where to apply.