Office of Economic Impact and Diversity

Meet Sraavani Jayanti, Intern for the Office of Management and Budget

September 16, 2019

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I am truly thankful to the MESSIP team for creating such an empowering program!

Sraavani Jayanti
Sraavani Jayanti smiles confidently into the camera, wearing a blouse and blazer

Hello, I’m Sraavani Jayanti and I just finished my first year at Virginia Tech. I began this summer excited to be back home and to start my Minority Educational Institute Partnership Program (MEISPP) internship! It is rare for a first-year to get an internship, so I didn't have many hopes of hearing back. I was thrilled when I heard back -- it seemed too good to be true to work at the Department of Energy.

I was lucky enough to be working in the Office of Management and Budget under the Executive Secretariat Director Cathy Tullis. My two-hour commute to work was worth it every day as I was given new and rewarding tasks daily. I also attended leadership meetings, where I brainstormed with office leadership. 

I am honored to have this opportunity. I worked with an inspiring team who taught me something new almost every day. I am truly thankful to the MESSIP team for creating such an empowering program!