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Join the Call: One Million Hours of STEM Volunteer Service

June 30, 2015

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America’s ability to meet the demands of its energy future depends on having a trained, dedicated science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) workforce. To answer this call, the Energy Department has an obligation to do all that is possible to attract, engage, educate, and inspire the next generation of STEM workers, and our employees should be used in full force when it comes to encouraging student participation in STEM.

Last week, the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) called on federal employees to volunteer for a combined one million hours of volunteering in STEM to advance our country’s future and current STEM workforce.

The Energy Department recognizes federal STEM volunteering is a key piece to the puzzle in inspiring youth in STEM, engaging federal personnel with local communities, and shaping our future STEM workforce. The Energy Department has enabled federal STEM volunteering by:

  • hosting the Federal Interagency Annual STEM Volunteer Fair in Washington, D.C. to match federal employees with STEM organizations;
  • launching a series of STEM Mentoring Cafés for middle school girls to speed network with federal STEM professionals from National Labs at Science-Technology Centers;
  • supporting community efforts through our National Labs such as Make a Difference Day at Sandia National Laboratory;
  • My Brother’s Keeper Day at the Lab Series launched at Lawrence Livermore Laboratory on June 19th 2015 to be held at different labs across the country; and
  • sharing STEM volunteer opportunities through the Energy Council on Women and Girls.

DOE is ready to support the Administration’s commitment to STEM volunteering and help build an interagency team dedicated to support volunteerism by Federal employees.  Click here to learn more about STEM Education at Department of Energy.