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Ramamoorthy Ramesh is the former Director of the SunShot Initiative and Solar Energy Technologies Program.

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Making the Impossible Possible: From Kennedy's Moonshot to Solar's SunShot
June 21, 2012

How President's Kennedy's 1962 "moon shot" speech is inspiring a bold path forward for solar energy in America.

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SunShot Grand Challenge Highlights Ambitious Efforts along the Entire Solar Spectrum
June 13, 2012

Today at the SunShot Grand Challenge Summit in Denver, Energy Secretary Steven Chu lauded progress in driving down the cost of solar.

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SunShot Shoots for the Moon with First Grand Challenge Event
May 23, 2012

We invite you to join us for The SunShot Initiative Grand Challenge: Summit and Technology Forum, where we will discuss our progress in driving...

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Tapping Top University Draft Picks to Engineer Solar Championships
February 2, 2012

On January 20th, the Energy Department announced two university research opportunities to advance the SunShot Initiative.

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A Solar Re-Skin at FedEx Field
August 2, 2011

If solar power could score a touchdown, then this week’s news would definitely count. The Washington Redskins are working with NRG Energy, one of...

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An Update on White House Solar Panels and Our Solar Program
June 20, 2011

The Energy Department remains on the path to complete the White House solar demonstration project. This project is one component of the Energy...

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Unleashing Rooftop Solar Energy through More Efficient Government
June 1, 2011

Cities and counties compete to cut the red tape that can push up the price tags on solar energy projects.

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