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Since March 2010, Niketa Kumar has been a Public Affairs Specialist at the Energy Department. In May of last year, Niketa graduated from George Washington University with a degree in international affairs focusing on security and development issues. A Pennsylvania native, Niketa enjoys cooking and traveling in her free time.

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10 Questions for a Quantitative Geneticist: Wellington Muchero
July 1, 2013

When Wellington Muchero got a part-time job in a plant molecular biology lab as a college student, there was no turning back. Learn how this...

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New Investment in Energy-Efficient Manufacturing
March 26, 2013

Five new R&D projects will focus on reducing energy use and costs for U.S. manufacturers while helping to boost product output and improve...

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Google+ Hangout on America's Growing Solar Industry
February 21, 2013

Tune in tomorrow on to hear from Secretary Chu and experts from across the solar industry as they discuss the SunShot Initiative...

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Wind Equipment: Creating Jobs Along the Lake Erie Shore
August 16, 2012

Local wind manufacturer brings new economic opportunities to Michigan.

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Blades of Glory: Wind Technology Bringing Us Closer To a Clean Energy Future
July 17, 2012
Making sure the best, most efficient wind energy technologies are developed and manufactured here in America.
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A Material Change: Bringing Lithium Production Back to America
June 29, 2012

A lithium manufacturer opens two facilities, creating 100 new jobs and dramatically increasing U.S. lithium production capacity.

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Secretary Chu Visits Vogtle Nuclear Power Plant
February 15, 2012

Secretary Chu traveled to Waynesboro, Georgia, to visit the Vogtle nuclear power plant, the site of what will be the first new nuclear reactors to...

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60 Years Since Nuclear Turned on the Lights
December 20, 2011

On the 60th anniversary of the world’s first nuclear power plant to produce electricity, Assistant Secretary for Nuclear Energy Peter Lyons...

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Capturing Fugitives to Reduce DOE’s GHG Emissions
November 15, 2011

Experts are hunting down fugitive carbon emissions from across 20 Energy Department laboratories, sites and program offices — and they’ve already...

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