Natasha Campbell joined the Department of Energy as a senior advisor on industrial relations and economic and workforce development in July 2014.  Prior to her appointment, she served as the Director of the District of Columbia Department of Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining, where she administered the District’s comprehensive labor relations and collective bargaining program, inclusive of approximately 30,000 bargaining unit employees and 44 bargaining units.  In that capacity she represented the Mayor and District departments, offices and agencies in collective bargaining over term working conditions and compensation agreements and bargaining over the impact and effects changes in conditions of employment; advised the Mayor and District departments, offices and agencies concerning all aspects of labor relations; trained labor liaisons, managers, supervisors and management officials concerning their rights and obligations under the Comprehensive Merit Personnel Act and applicable labor law, policies and procedures; and developed, implemented and administered citywide labor initiatives.

She is a proud graduate of the Howard University School of Law.