Louise Lerner

Media Specialist at Argonne National Laboratory

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Louise Lerner is a media specialist at Argonne National Laboratory.

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Soaking Up an Oil Spill
March 7, 2017
Scientists at Argonne National Laboratory invent new foam that adsorbs oil from water, is reusable, and pulls dispersed oil from the water.
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10 Questions for a Nanoscientist: Seth Darling
September 8, 2011

Meet Seth Darling, who has leveraged his work in nanomaterials to help lower the cost of solar. "The challenge is basically pushing the limits of...

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10 Questions for a Biochemist: Dan Schabacker
June 30, 2011

This Argonne biochemist works on developing biochips, which can identify proteins and used to trace the origins of biological agents such as...

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