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Karen McNulty Walsh is a Principal Media and Communications Specialist at Brookhaven National Laboratory, one of the Department of Energy's 17 National Laboratories

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LI High School Students Solve Protein Structures at Brookhaven's Light Source
December 18, 2019
Knowledge gained at world-class research facility could open doors to new treatments for diseases and advance careers of young scientists.
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Neutrino Physicist Kirsty Duffy Receives Leona Woods Lectureship Award
November 1, 2019
Kirsty Duffy has received the Leona Woods Distinguished Postdoctoral Lectureship Award for her accomplishments in physics.
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Building Better Batteries for Long-Distance Driving and Faster-Charging Electronics
March 2, 2016

How National Labs scientists figured out how to make batteries last longer and recharge faster.

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