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Joshua DeLung is an Account Manager at ENC Marketing & Communications and the Executive Editor at Relatively Journalizing.

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EnerG2 Develops New Approach to EV Energy Storage
November 16, 2010

EnerG2 is a Seattle-based company that manufactures a black powder carbon material that is used to store energy in high-performance batteries and...

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A Spin on Technology: Extracting Value from Wasted Heat
November 12, 2010

Wastewater and steam can be a challenging resource for manufacturers to manage. The heated wastewater and steam are either lost or must be cooled...

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Solar-Powered, School-Zone Safety
November 8, 2010

Nothing grabs drivers’ attention quite like flashing lights. Bethany, Oklahoma drivers in the city’s school zones are being reminded to slow down...

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Arizona EV Infrastructure Plans Revealed
November 5, 2010

Out in the desert, a revolution in automotive technology is happening. Some Arizona drivers are taking part in an innovative new project that will...

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Historic Virginia Market Powered by Solar Energy
November 3, 2010

The historic building where area farmers sell produce straight from the field to consumers is now home to Danville, Virg.’s first renewable energy...

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Puerto Rico Farmers Market Cooler, Saving Money
October 22, 2010

Buying fruits and vegetables at the Las Piedras farmers market is now more comfortable for the thousands of Puerto Ricans who shop there regularly....

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Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Avoided Through Weatherization
October 5, 2010

Learn about another benefit to weatherization that could save your life.

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Nevada manufacturer installing geothermal power plant
August 26, 2010

Chemetall supplies materials for lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles $28.4 million in Recovery Act funding going toward geot...

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Ann Arbor's New Recycling Trucks Get an 'Assist' from Clean Cities
August 18, 2010

Hydraulics in vehicles — best known for bouncing cars and kneeling buses — are getting a serious look in Ann Arbor, Mich. The reasons: saving fuel...

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