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Elizabeth Spencer is a communicator at DOE's National Renewable Energy Laboratory, which assists EERE in providing technical content for many of its Web sites.

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The Story of a House that Never Stayed Warm: A Well-Insulated Resolution
April 8, 2016

Energy Saver blogger Elizabeth Spencer writes about how much her electricity bill went down after sealing up her home with insulation.

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Insulation Troubles: A Story of a House That Never Stayed Warm, Part 2
November 10, 2015

Energy Saver's Elizabeth Spencer finds solutions for her house's insulation problems.

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Insulation Troubles: A Story of a House That Never Stayed Warm, Part 1
November 4, 2015

Energy Saver's Elizabeth Spencer realizes that her house has an insulation problem and sets out to fix it.

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Air Leaks in Unexpected Places
February 3, 2015

Sealing air leaks will help to decrease heating and cooling costs and make your home more comfortable.

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Lessons from a Home Inspection
December 12, 2014

Maintenance tips from a home inspector to keep the systems and appliances in your home running efficiently.

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Preparing for a Fun and Energy Efficient Halloween
October 14, 2014

Discover some scary-good ways to save energy this Halloween!

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Why You Might Want to Add More Insulation
August 19, 2014

Adding insulation to most houses can reduce energy bills by keeping the temperature stable all year round.

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Tips for Running an Air Conditioner Without Breaking the Bank
July 22, 2014

With summer temperatures rising, air conditioners are working overtime, but it is possible to enjoy to cool comfort without breaking the bank.

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Saving Money During the Air Conditioning Season
June 4, 2014

Save money on your cooling bills this summer by managing and maintaining your air conditioner.

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