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Amy Kidd is a Project Officer with the State Energy Program.

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Energy-Saving Solutions in the Bluegrass State
October 9, 2015

The Energy Department is continuing partnerships with state and local governments to advance efficiency in both energy and water use. One way of...

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Florida's SunSmart Program Helps Provide Power to Schools When Storms Strike
May 30, 2014

Florida program installed more than a megawatt of solar power at schools designated as emergency shelters throughout the Sunshine State.

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Small Company Makes Big Changes to Boost Clean Energy Economy
November 27, 2013

As the nation moves toward greater adoption of new energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies, Tennessee-based Diversified Power...

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Warding Off Energy Vampires and Phantom Loads
October 31, 2013

Ghosts and goblins may only come out on Halloween, but energy vampires and phantom loads lurk in our homes and offices all year long. Energy...

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Swept Away by Alternative Energy
January 17, 2013

After 160 years of making brushes, one Maryland company decided to diversify its business model and add new energy efficiency products to its...

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Harvesting the Sun at the West Tennessee Solar Farm
April 18, 2012

The West Tennessee Solar Farm (WTSF) is now open for business!

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