Issued Guidance: Throughout the life of the Recovery Act, it has at times been necessary to issue guidance around certain policies or procedures.

Recovery Act Memos: Special reports written on cross-cutting themes of Recovery Act impact.

Help with Federal Recovery Act recipients are required to report to once every quarter. While the process can be complicated, here you will find a DOE specific guide through the process.

Lobbyist Disclosures: Here you will find a listing of all communic1ations from Interested Parties inquiring about Recovery Act procedures.

Other News

Homes Weatherized by State

The Department of Energy is collecting monthly data from the states on the number of homes weatherized under the Recovery Act. The below spreadsheets shows figures for homes weatherized (1) in April 2010, and (2) in the first quarter of 2010 (January-March). In March, the weatherization network nationally reached their target run-rate and weatherized more than 25,000 homes across the country. Since the Recovery Act began, states have used their Recovery Act funding and annual program funds to weatherize more than 193,000 homes.

This is an end-of-the-year report on the number of homes weatherized by state as part of the Weatherization Assistance Program during calendar year 2009. This data was reported by states and may be updated as states finalize figures for homes weatherized through December 31st. By the end of 2009, states weatherized more than 125,000 homes with Recovery Act and non-Recovery Act annual federal funding. Since the Recovery Act funding allowed states to accelerate their existing programs with Fiscal Year 2009 funding, the combined total is the best indicator of progress in the program. Nevertheless, the pace of Recovery Act-funded weatherization tripled in the last three months of the year.

Program Specific Recovery Plans: by Program Office

This section includes Program Specific Recovery Plans outlining stimulus plan work for the program offices in Department of Energy.

Inspector General Reports Related to the Recovery Act at DOE

This section includes reports that are related to the Recovery Act from the DOE Inspector General, Gregory Friedman.

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