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AEC -- Administrative Record 01/15/01II-NNA-6754

AEC -- Nuclear Power Plant Docket Records 


AEC -- Power Reactor Records, Summaries of Data and Statistics Useful in the Control of Operations, Source Records Utilized in Compiling Summaries and Reports in Operations Control 


Alaska Power Administration 

Appointee Clearance and Vetting Files09/10/02N1-434-96-3
Bettis Atomic Power Laboratory and Naval Reactors Facility Sites (pdf)09/09/91N1-434-91-8
Bonneville Power Administration08/06/07N1-305-07-1
Cyclotron Records, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory12/22/88N1-434-89-7
Energy Information Administration (EIARS) 10/21/03N1-434-96-2
Energy Information Administration04/03/95N1-434-94-1
Fossil Energy Records, Import/Export Files04/09/01N1-434-00-4
Headquarters Administration, Published Posters10/18/89N1-434-90-1
Headquarters Atomic Energy Commission11/21/89N1-434-90-5
Office of Hearings and Appeals, Crude Oil Overcharge/Reimbursement Records10/06/05N1-434-04-1
History Division Records11/06/91N1-434-92-1
Idaho Operations Office, Radiographs of Fuel Elements10/03/07N1-434-08-1
Idaho Operations Office, Seismogram Records02/19/03


Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, Personnel Radiation Exposure Dose Records11/24/92


Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory/San Francisco Operations Office, Public Information Releases, Special Materials Records and Reports03/23/90


Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) Safety Program Records10/24/13DAA-434-2013-0002
National Energy Information Center 04/03/95N1-434-94-1
National Energy Strategy08/01/01N1-434-95-2
National Renewable Energy Laboratory - Attorney Working Files, Standards of Conduct Case Files, Intellectual Property, Electronic Mail and Word Processing System Copies08/04/00N1-434-99-4

Office of Naval Petroleum and Oil Shale Reserve, Historical Reports and Supporting Data for the Equity Redetermination of Shallow Oil Zone, Elk Hills Field, Naval Petroleum Reserve #1



Office of Naval Petroleum and Oil Shale Reserves, Sales and Marketing Files, Construction and Engineering FIles, NPOSR Real Estate Files, Electronic Records05/15/02


Nevada Operations Office, Joint Verification Experiment Records03/23/00N1-434-96-13
Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste Management, Basalt Waste Isolation Project Planning and Design Files, Salt Repository Project Office Planning and Design Files09/27/01N1-434-89-11
Rocky Flats Environmental Technology Site, External Correspondence Control Program FIles01/18/01


Oak Ridge Operations Office, Comparative Animal Research Laboratory, Unidentified Images Relating to Experiments, Publication Graphics, and Related Activities, Identified Images of Laboratory Workers and Facilities12/27/90N1-434-90-7
Oak Ridge Operations Office, SPRO Environmental Permit and National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Files11/19/92N1-434-91-1
Oak Ridge Operations, Permanent Miscellaneous Records01/23/90N1-434-90-2
Office of the Executive Secretariat, White House Bulk Mail, General Public Mail, Electronic Mail and Word Processing System Copies05/15/02


Oil Import Administration07/07/89N1-434-89-5
Oil Import Appeals Board, Oil Import Appeals Board Records, OIAB Company Files07/07/89


Oil and Gas Division Central Files06/02/89N1-434-89-6
Office of Human Radiation Experiments, Electronic Records (Archives and Research)02/26/96


Office of Human Radiation Experiments, Electronic Records01/15/98N1-434-96-7
Pacific Northwest Laboratory02/28/90N1-434-89-13
Pacific Ocean and Nevada Test Site Records08/29/96N2-326-96-1
Pittsburgh Naval Reactors Office, Temporary (Long-Term) Research and Development Records, Nuclear Propulsion Program Spent and New Naval Reactor Core Completed Shipment Files, Electronic Copies08/30/00N1-434-99-3
Pittsburgh Naval Reactors Office, Core Contract Records08/22/97N1-434-97-6
Records of Predecessor Agency (DOI) stored at WNRC04/14/07N1-434-02-2
Office of Naval Petroleum and Shale Oil Reserves, Sale of Naval Petroleum Reserve Number 1, Elk Hills10/01/01N1-434-01-5
Savannah River History Collection11/12/96N1-434-96-11
Southeastern Power Administration06/25/02N1-388-00-1
Savannah River Site (SRS)/Westinghouse Savannah River Corp. Disposable Records06/23/99N1-434-96-12
Strategic Petroleum Reserve01/15/02N1-434-01-6
Super Conducting Super Collider Project Office04/23/96N1-434-95-4
Uranium Mill Tailings Remedial Action(UMTRA)02/09/01


Uranium Mill Tailing Remedial Action (UMTRA), Project Records 01/17/90N1-434-89-12