DOE F 206.1  (pdf)

Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA)

DOE F 206.4
(fillable pdf)

Information Sheet for Sponsorship of HSPD-12 Credential

DOE F 206.6 (fillable pdf)

Privacy Act Officer/Privacy Point of Contact Appointment Form

DOE F 241.2
(fillable pdf)

Notice of Energy RD&D Project

DOE F 241.4
(fillable pdf)

Announcement of Computer Software

DOE F 241.5  (pdf)

Information Collection Clearance Manager Appointment

DOE F 242.1 (fillable pdf)

Forms Manager Designation

DOE F 243.11 (fillable pdf) Forms Processing Action Request

DOE F 280.1

Inventions Made by Government Employees Executive Order 10096

DOE F 284

Nuclear Material Transfer Report

DOE F 321.1

Service Agreement for an Overseas Position

DOE F 331.2
(fillable pdf)

Senior Executive Service Performance Appraisal

  • Download SES Form only (Word)
  • Download Leadership Attributes - Narrative (Word)

DOE F 350.1

Contractor Salary-Wage Increase Expenditure Report

DOE F 360.1
(fillable pdf)

SESCDP - Executive Development Plan

DOE F 360.2
(fillable pdf)

SESCDP - Revisions to Executive Development Plan

DOE F 360.3
(fillable pdf)

SESCDP - Developmental Assignment Opportunity

DOE F 360.4
(fillable pdf)

SESCDP - Supervisor's Evaluation of Candidate's Performance During Developmental Assignment

DOE F 360.5
(fillable pdf)

SESCDP - Candidate Developmental Assignment Evaluation

DOE F 360.6
(fillable pdf)

SESCDP - Evaluation of Formal Training

DOE F 360.7   (fillable pdf)

DVU Featured Training & Events

DOE F 360.8  (fillable pdf)

DVU Website Edit Request

DOE F 360.9 (fillable pdf)

DVU Training News

DOE F 414
(fillable pdf)

United States Department of Energy National Nuclear Security Administration United Kingdom Ministry of Defence Certification

DOE F 420.0

Critical Energy Infrastructure Information Review Request

DOE F 440.1

DOE F 440.2
(fillable pdf)

10 CFR Part 850 - Appendix A Chronic Beryllium Disease Prevention Program Informed Consent Form

Request for Investigation or Inspection of Safety or Security Violations

DOE F 470.1
(fillable pdf)

Contract Security Classification Specification (CSCS)

DOE F 470.2
(fillable pdf)

Facility Data and Approval Record (FDAR)

DOE F 470.3

Human Reliability Program Certification

DOE F 470.4
(fillable pdf)

Acknowledgment and Agreement to Participate in the Human Reliability Program

DOE F 470.5
(fillable pdf)

Authorization and Consent to Release Human Reliability Program Records in Connection with HRP

DOE F 470.6

Refusal of Consent

DOE F 470.7

Human Reliability Program Alcohol Testing Form

DOE F 470.8
(fillable pdf)

Survey/Inspection Report Form

DOE F 470.10
(fillable pdf)

Classified Matter Receipt

DOE F 471.1

Security Incident Notification Report

DOE F 471.2


DOE F 472.1  (fillable pdf)

Fair Credit Reporting Act Authorization

DOE F 473.2
(fillable pdf)

Security Badge Request

DOE F 473.3 (fillable pdf)

Clearance Access Request

DOE F 540.1
(fillable pdf)

State Energy Program (SEP) Narrative Information Worksheet

DOE F 540.2

WAP Annual File Worksheet

DOE F 540.3

WAP Quarterly Program Report

DOE F 540.4
(fillable pdf)

Weatherization Assistance Program Annual Training, Technical Assistance, Monitoring, and Leverage Report

DOE F 540.5

Weatherization Assistance Program Subgrantee Information

DOE F 551.1

Request for Approval of Foreign Travel

DOE F 570
(fillable pdf)

Move Sheet


Concise Note (Preprinted)

DOE F 741

Nuclear Material Transaction Report


Material Balance Report


Physical Inventory Listing

DOE F 749

ADP Transcription Sheet Internal Project Transfers

DOE F 798

Retirement Annuity Computation Request

DOE F 1300.2
(fillable pdf)

Report of Non-Government Standards Activity

DOE F 1300.5

Project Registration and Approval Request

DOE F 1325.7

Telecommunication Message

DOE F 1325.7A

Telecommunication Message (Data)

DOE F 1325.8
(fillable pdf)


DOE F 1340.3
(fillable pdf)

Request for Public Communications Publication Approval

DOE F 1340.3A
(fillable pdf)

Public Communications Publications Procurement Proposal

DOE F 1350.4

DOE Program Review Centers

DOE F 1400.8
(fillable pdf)

Motor Vehicle Petroleum Issue Record

DOE F 1400.10

Record of Special Messenger Services

DOE F 1400.12
(fillable pdf)

Parking Permit Application

DOE F 1400.18 (fillable pdf)

Property Transfer Form

DOE F 1400.20
(fillable pdf)

Retirement Work Order

DOE F 1420.7
(fillable pdf)

Graphics Work Request

DOE F 1420.11

Direct Charge Authorization

DOE F 1430.1

Energy Library Classified Receipt

DOE F 1430.5

Request for Library Acquisition

DOE F 1440.3

Letter Reporting Theft of Property on Non-GSA Site

DOE F 1450.6

Request for System Control Identification Number

DOE F 1500.4

Request and Authorization for Expenditure of Official Reception and Representation Expenses

DOE F 1500.5
(fillable pdf)

United States Department of Energy
Energy Finance and Accounting Service Center Travel Authorization and Program Manager Signature Card

DOE F 1500.6

Employee Application for Relocation Services

DOE F 1500.7

Employee Relocation Income Tax (RIT) Allowance Certification

DOE F 1510.9

Request and Authorization for Official Travel (Change of Station)

DOE F 1512.3

Security Analysis of Proposed Travel to Sensitive Countries

DOE F 1520.1

Employee Application for Reimbursement of Expenses Incurred Upon Sale or Purchase (on separate form for each) of Residence Upon Change of Official Station

DOE F 1600.1

Complaint of Discrimination

DOE F 1600.2

EEO Counselor's Report

DOE F 1600.3

Monthly Precompliant Counseling Report

DOE F 1600.5
(fillable pdf)

Assurance of Compliance Nondiscrimination in Federally Assisted Programs

DOE F 1600.7

Applicant Disability, Race/National Origin and Sex Identification

DOE F 1800.1
(fillable pdf)

Privacy Act Information Request