The integrated Joint Cybersecurity Coordination Center (iJC3) is actively working to reduce cyber risks to the Department and its Elements by engaging in high-quality Information Technology (IT) and cybersecurity programs. iJC3’s current programs enable the Department to increase its ability to share threat information, expand its critical infrastructure protection capabilities, provide active defense, and improve its incident preparedness. The programs have been designed to fortify the Department of Energy’s cybersecurity infrastructure. All of iJC3’s initiatives align with and support the Office of the Chief Information Officer’s DOE Cybersecurity Strategy for 2018-2020.

Current Projects

Big Data Platform

The iJC3’s Big Data Platform (BDP) initiative is an advanced cyber analytics program used to enhance the Department’s cybersecurity posture and capabilities. The BDP Program will be implemented at Sites, Program Offices, and across the Enterprise to ensure the rapid ingestion, visualization, and analysis of security data necessary to provide near-real time actionable intelligence on cybersecurity threats across the Department.  In support of this effort, DOE OCIO is funding and deploying additional network devices to aid in the capture and movement of critical information to the BDP.

Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation

The Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM) Program is a DHS led continuous monitoring initiative with an implementation approach consistent with Information System Continuous Monitoring methodology. iJC3’s CDM Program provides the Department with near-real time cyber threat awareness and readily accessible data, allowing the Department to expand its continuous monitoring capabilities.

Cooperative Protection Program Upgrade

iJC3’s Cooperative Protection Program (CPP) Upgrade initiative was established to advance the Department’s intrusion detection systems (IDS) for the purpose of monitoring and detecting advanced persistent threats (APTs) to the Department and its Elements. The iJC3 is currently upgrading the Department’s sensor monitoring hardware and software to advance each Departmental Element’s threat detection capabilities.

High Value Assets

The Department’s High Value Asset (HVA) effort identifies and protects the Department’s highest priority systems, applications, and networks from cyberattacks. The DOE HVA Program has the following four major features:

  • Inventory
  • Assessments
  • Improvements and Tracking 
  • Reporting and Communications
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