Prior to being issued a Digital Identity, applicants must be identity proofed during an in-person meeting with a DOE Trusted Agent. To locate a Trusted Agent, contact the EITS Service Desk:

You must bring the following to your in-person meeting:

  • a copy of the Subscriber Agreement form (SAF), with the blue box portion completed.
  • your Federal ID Badge. If you do not have a Federal ID Badge you must bring:
    • one valid government-issued picture ID (drivers license)
    • one other form of ID. (picture not required, but your name must be in type (i.e. not hand written)

The DOE Trusted Agent will:

  • inspect your Federal ID Badge 
  • add the name and number printed on the badge to your form, along with the date, and the Trusted Agent’s name and signature.
  • fax the completed SAF to the PKI Support Team at 301-903-2172 (no cover sheet required)

A Notary Public can substitute for a DOE Trusted Agent if the applicant is geographically distant from the nearest Agent by: 

  • completing the portions of the SAF reserved for the DOE Trusted Agent, including the:
    •  type(s) of ID(s) presented, their corresponding unique ID number(s), and the person’s name(s) as it appears on the ID(s)
    •  full name
    •  handwritten signature
    •  date
    •  seal

The applicant will fax a copy of the completed SAF to 301-903-2172 and mail the original SAF [with the Notary Public’s seal] to DOE HQ PKI Support.

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