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celebrating 8 years of powerful collaboration

The Department of Energy's (DOE) internal wiki, Powerpedia, is celebrating its 8th birthday. Accessible to staff across the DOE enterprise, Powerpedia is a key source of communications and information.  It connects the various elements of the Department that are geographically spread across over 30 states. It has over 53,000 pages of information about the mission, operations, accomplishments, and history of the Department along with its national laboratories, technology centers, field sites, and related agencies.

Powerpedia's mission is to help employees share information on topics while enhancing communication and coordination between DOE organizations. The site uses the same technology that powers Wikipedia.  It can be accessed and edited by any DOE employee or contractor located at a facility or connected to a DOE facility’s network.

Powerpedia makes employees more efficient by allowing easy access to information through basic topic searches on a wide variety of subjects. Wiki articles, by their nature, have a significant number of links in their text.  This allows discovery and exploration of related topics that enhance the results of the original search. Powerpedia is becoming the de facto resource for information sharing within the Department, integrating information that was previously stored in traditional, separated information silos.

Popular Powerpedia pages include the phonebook, employee resources, documentation on internal tools, career development programs, emergency preparedness, plain language, office gyms, certifications requirements, FAQs, and an extensive list of over 1,700 acronyms.

Powerpedia statistics as of January 2018

DOE recently worked with the State Department to improve accessibility for readers by adding an alternative to the traditional article format. The alternative, called portals, serve as starting locations for an array of topics that fall under broad categories. To date, 50 portals have been created, covering topics such as safety, occupational health, and cybersecurity.

As Powerpedia achieves its 8th birthday, here are some key metrics to celebrate: 4,100,000 views; 300,000 edits; 53,000 pages; 4,100 editors. DOE is proud to curate this powerful collaboration tool which assists the workforce in achieving DOE’s critical mission.

Powerpedia is accessible to all DOE employees and contractors logged onto a DOE network by visiting

Powerpedia's 8th Birthday
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