Photo of Karin Dasuki, Director, Office of Finance and Accounting (CF-10)

Karin Dasuki started her career in the private sector and gained her experience in the advisory practice world and moved on to the non-profit sector. She began her career in the federal government in 2001 as part of the core Federal team that implemented Oracle Federal Financial E Business Suite at Peace Corps. Since then, her career has led her to Treasury FMS (now known as Bureau of Fiscal Service) in Government-wide Accounting where she was responsible for the U.S. Government Consolidated Financial Report. Her federal career has also led her to various other cabinet level agencies such as HUD and HHS managing both financial and IT portfolios. While at HHS, she was responsible for the operations and management of the office that included leading the transition of the O&M business unit of HHS’ financial management system (UFMS) into the Office of Financial Systems, Policy and Oversight from the Office of the Chief Information Officer. She later helped to stand up HHS’ DATA Act PMO when HHS was tapped to be the executing agent on behalf of OMB on the DATA Act Section 5 Grants Pilot. 

Karin is the Director of the Office of Finance and Accounting at the Department of Energy. Her organization is responsible for the Department’s accounting and financial operations that include financial statements, investments, loans accounting, internal controls, fraud risk management and audits with staff located in multiple physical locations. Karin attended the Federal Executive Institute’s Leadership for a Democratic Society and is a member of the Senior Executive Service. She holds a graduate degree from Johns Hopkins University, is a licensed CPA in Maryland and a CGFM.