In leading DOE in its role as the Energy Sector-Specific Agency (SSA), CESER has established close relationships with private and public industry owners and operators of the energy infrastructure, as well as State and local governments. This puts ISER in a unique position to understand their perspectives on prevention, protection, mitigation, response and recovery options and to quickly deploy the best available technology in a tailored, systems approach. ISER’s partnerships with the private sector have also enabled it to better respond to the needs of the sector and the nation. The division’s domestic and international capabilities have been greatly enhanced by these relationships developed over years of collaborating with companies from all parts of the sector, including electricity, oil, and natural gas. Internationally, ISER engages strategic partners to perform system and site assessments at critical sites within their borders to identify vulnerabilities and threats, as well as the techniques and practices that can mitigate potential negative impacts.


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