Intern Program

The intern program allows students taking at least a half-time course load in an accredited high school, home schooling program, technical school, vocational school, two- or four- year college or university, or graduate or professional school to be part of a cooperative-learning environment. The program offers flexible work schedules, competitive pay, and the ability to gain experience while still completing your academic pursuits.

Recent Graduate Program

The Energy/NNSA Career Pathways Recent Graduate Program is a new program that offers developmental opportunities for applicants who have recently graduated within the last two years from qualifying educational institutions. Veterans unable to apply within the 2 year timeframe due to a military service obligation have up to 6 years from completing their education to apply. This one year program will offer training opportunities, mentorship, and the ability to gain meaningful work experience with the Department of Energy. After completing the program, participants are eligible for conversion to full time permanent employees.

Presidential Management Fellows

The Presidential Management Fellows (PMF) Program is designed to attract qualified candidates to the Federal service. This program is available to outstanding applicants that are pursuing a professional or graduate degree that have a clear interest in, and commitment to, excellence in the leadership of public policies and programs. To learn more or apply for this program, click this link: here.