Office: Office of Manufacturing and Energy Supply Chains

Funding amount: $150,000,000

Period of Availability: Available until expended

Funding Mechanism: Grant

New Program: No

Recipients: Institutions of Higher Education, Community College, Trade School, Or Union Training Program

Description: To provide funding for institutions of higher education-based industrial research and assessment centers to identify opportunities for optimizing energy efficiency and environmental performance at manufacturing and other industrial facilities.

Eligible Uses: To provide in-depth assessments of small- and medium-sized manufacturer plant sites to evaluate the facilities, services, and manufacturing operations of the plant sites; to identify opportunities for optimizing energy efficiency and environmental performance, including implementation of— (i) smart manufacturing; (ii) energy management systems; (iii) sustainable manufacturing; (iv) information technology advancements for supply chain analysis, logistics, system monitoring, industrial and manufacturing processes, and other purposes; and (v) waste management systems; to promote applications of emerging concepts and technologies in small- and medium-sized manufacturers (including water and wastewater treatment facilities and federally owned manufacturing facilities); to promote research and development for the use of alternative energy sources to supply heat, power, and new feedstocks for energy-intensive industries; to coordinate with appropriate Federal and State research offices; to provide a clearinghouse for industrial process and energy efficiency technical assistance resources; and to coordinate with State-accredited technical training centers and community colleges, while ensuring appropriate services to all regions of the United States.

Next Milestone: Estimated application opening date, TBD.