Office: Office of Clean Energy Demonstrations

Funding amount: $500,000,000

Period of Availability: Available until expended

Funding Mechanism: Grant, Cooperative Agreement, or Other

New Program: Yes

Recipients:  Technology Developers, Industry, Manufacturers, Universities, National Laboratories, Engineering and Construction firms, State and Local Governments, Environmental Groups, and Community Based Organizations.

Description: To fund demonstration projects that test and validate technologies that reduce industrial emissions.

Eligible Uses: Industrial production processes, including technologies and processes that-

(A) achieve emissions reduction in high emissions industrial materials production processes, including production processes for iron, steel, steel mill products, aluminum, cement, concrete, glass, pulp, paper, and industrial ceramics;

(B) achieve emissions reduction in medium- and high-temperature heat generation;

(C) achieve emissions reduction in chemical production processes, including by incorporating, if appropriate and practicable, principles, practices, and methodologies of sustainable chemistry and engineering;

(D) leverage smart manufacturing technologies and principles, digital manufacturing technologies, and advanced data analytics to develop advanced technologies and practices in information, automation, monitoring, computation, sensing, modeling, and networking;

(E) leverage the principles of sustainable manufacturing to minimize the potential negative environmental impacts of manufacturing while conserving energy and resources;

(F) increase the energy efficiency of industrial processes

Next Milestone: Estimated application opening date, 2023.