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Dr. Rhonda Jordan is an energy specialist at World Bank and our latest #WomenInSTEM video profile. | Video by Matty Greene.

Earlier this year we launched #WomenInSTEM, a video series highlighting the accomplishments of women across the energy sector. Today we’re releasing a new video in the series, telling the story of Dr. Rhonda Jordan, who works as an energy specialist at the World Bank.

Growing up, Rhonda always enjoyed math and science. But after completing her master’s in electrical engineering at Columbia University, she switched paths to pursue another long-held passion: dance. Touring the globe as a professional dancer exposed her to the critical need for improved access to power in the developing countries she visited. Afterwards, Rhonda re-focused on putting her engineering skills to work -- this time co-founding a Tanzania-based startup that provides energy services to people who are not connected to the grid. “I know firsthand the difference that having access to power makes for residents,” she said. “That motivates everything that I do.”

Rhonda went on to complete her doctorate at MIT, continuing her focus on improving access to electricity in developing countries. She has been actively involved in the Energy Department’s Clean Energy Education and Empowerment Initiative -- sharing strategies and ideas on innovative, sustainable energy solutions for rural and low-income communities at the initiative’s Women in Clean Energy Symposium.

Watch the video above to learn more about Rhonda’s #WomenInSTEM story.