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What makes science, science? To find out, click into the new Office of Science (SC) website.

You’ll see what science is about on the new Office of Science website through In Focus items and In the News links from the world of science. The site also has a special tab on Discoveries and Innovation, a section designed to showcase work done at National Labs and Program Offices which have opened new worlds of understanding and improved our lives in significant and substantial ways.


Each day, scientists at the Department of Energy are doing amazing work, work worthy of sharing. In addition to highlighting those efforts, the new site has links to SC programs, where readers can look deeper to learn even more. The site also features information about SC user facilities, places that provide the nation’s researchers with the most advanced tools of modern science, ranging from particle accelerators to supercomputers. There’s a tab for finding funding from SC, as well as a place to find more information about SC efforts in your state.
Today, science is also about shared efforts and the multiple-year programs often required for scientific progress. So under the About tab, there’s much more information about the Office of Science: Its accomplishments and aspirations, its history, its people and its hopes.
All of these make science, science. But science is truly about so much more. It’s about a sense of curiosity and wonder. It’s about straining all one’s gifts to see a bit further and to understand a bit more. It’s about idealistic and talented people -- the researchers at the Office of Science -- who take on exceptional challenges and deliver exceptional results. As they do so, they make to make our nation and our world a better place.
The Office of Science is proud to salute its researchers -- your neighbors and friends -- on its new website, Please enjoy it, and come back to it often.  
Charles Rousseaux is a Senior Writer in the Office of Science.