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Secretary Moniz delivers remarks at Columbia University's Center on Global Energy Policy in New York City. | Video courtesy of Columbia University’s Center on Global Energy Policy.

Secretary Moniz spoke at Columbia University’s Center on Global Energy Policy in New York City yesterday. He began his remarks by citing recent extreme weather events and their impact on energy infrastructure -- and referred to President Obama’s Climate Action Plan as part of the solution to addressing the issues climate change is already causing for communities across the country.

Throughout his first three months in office, the Secretary has emphasized the importance of addressing climate change very clearly, and he did the same in his remarks at Columbia. "I'm not here to debate what's not debatable,” he told the audience. “The evidence is overwhelming. The science is clear -- certainly clear for the level that one needs for policymaking -- in terms of the real and urgent threat of climate change."

He also touted the achievements of the Department’s Loan Guarantee Program portfolio, which has helped drive the success of clean energy technologies like Tesla Motors and encourage record-breaking growth for the renewable energy sector.

Secretary Moniz also highlighted the role of clean fossil energy technologies as part of the President's all-of-the-above approach to energy. These technologies will help reduce the carbon pollution of fossil energy sources -- and ensure that all our energy sources can compete in a low-carbon economy.

Watch the video above for his full remarks, and stay tuned to to see what the Energy Department is doing to fight the effects of a changing climate as part of the President’s Climate Action Plan.