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Welcomes Italy as 17th Nation to Join Global Nuclear Energy Partnership

ROME, ITALY - U.S. Secretary of Energy Samuel W. Bodman today will deliver remarks at the 20th World Energy Congress Ministerial Forum, highlighting the importance of robust investments in a diversity of energy supplies and breakthrough technologies to meet growing global demand for energy.  While in Rome, Secretary Bodman welcomed Italy to the Global Nuclear Energy Partnership (GNEP), an international framework aimed at expanding nuclear power worldwide while responsibly managing nuclear waste and reducing proliferation risks.  Italy is the most recent nation to sign the GNEP Statement of Principles, which 16 nations joined in September at the Partnership's second Ministerial in Vienna, Austria.

"By becoming a member of the Global Nuclear Energy Partnership, Italy is joining a growing group of nations committed to developing solutions to power a clean, safe and reliable energy future," Secretary Bodman said.  "To increase global energy security, producing and consuming nations alike must make robust investments in a diversity of energy sources, accelerate efforts to increase energy efficiency, and rapidly deploy advanced clean energy technologies to meet growing energy demand and sustain economic growth."

Earlier today, Secretary Bodman and Italian Minister of Economic Development Pier Luigi Bersani signed an agreement to advance cooperation in energy research and development.  The agreement builds on current bilateral energy efforts between the nations to advance nuclear technology, increase research and development in carbon sequestration, and promote greater energy efficiency through advanced technology.

In his remarks to the 20th World Energy Congress Ministerial Forum, Secretary Bodman will highlight the role of investment in all stages of the energy cycle to ensure affordable and reliable supplies of energy.  Secretary Bodman will discuss diversification of the global energy supply as essential to increase global energy security and economic growth.  As a world leader in energy research and development investments, Secretary Bodman is expected to emphasize the role of cutting edge technology in developing and distributing energy resources, using energy more efficiently, and powering economic growth.

In signing the GNEP Principles, Italy today joins China, France, Japan, Russia and the United States, who are original GNEP partners, as well as Australia, Bulgaria, Ghana, Hungary, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, and Ukraine in efforts to address the prospects of expanding the peaceful uses of nuclear energy, including enhanced safeguards, international fuel service frameworks, and advanced technologies.  GNEP seeks to develop worldwide consensus on enabling expanded use of clean, safe, and affordable nuclear energy to meet growing electricity demand. GNEP proposes a nuclear fuel cycle that enhances energy security, while promoting non-proliferation.   Read additional information on the Statement of Principles and the Global Nuclear Energy Partnership.

Italy is the first stop in Secretary Bodman's five-nation visit to Europe and Central Asia.   Later this week, Secretary Bodman will travel to Ashgabat, Turkmenistan to address the Turkmenistan Industrial Oil and Gas Exhibit (TIOGE) and meet with the President and Foreign Minister of Turkmenistan.  Following his visit to Turkmenistan, Secretary Bodman will travel to Turkey to highlight the importance of expanding and securing oil and gas infrastructure and to Greece to celebrate the opening of the Turkey-Greece Inter-connector pipeline, which will be a critical link between the gas suppliers of central Asia and the consumers of Europe.  Secretary Bodman will conclude his trip in London, England where he is expected to hold bilateral meetings with senior English officials and deliver remarks to U.S. and British business leaders.

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