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Book vividly illustrates the vital importance of the Department's National Laboratories

WASHINGTON, DC - Finding new and better ways to detect and treat cancer, Parkinson's disease and other debilitating diseases; developing new, cleaner and sustainable fuels and technologies to power our vehicles and homes; safeguarding our nuclear weapons; and developing astonishing discoveries that are altering our understanding of the universe - these are just a few examples of research and discoveries performed by the U.S. Department of Energy's 17 National Laboratories located throughout the country.

As part of an effort to highlight a decade of quality research and innovation at the National Laboratories, the Department today released a commemorative book entitled "A Decade of Discovery." The National Laboratories throughout this past decade have partnered with industry, business, government agencies, and other researchers in developing discoveries in energy and the environment, national security, and sciences crucial for our communities, the nation, and the world.

"As this book makes clear, collectively the Department's National Laboratories remain the single greatest scientific enterprise in the world," said U.S. Energy Secretary Samuel W. Bodman. "As a nation, we will continue to depend on the power and promise of science and engineering to push back the boundaries of what is possible. And therefore we will continue to depend on our National Laboratories and the remarkable men and women who work there."

Since the founding of the first DOE laboratory more than 60 years ago, the complex has been associated with the recipients of more than 80 Nobel Prizes. "A Decade of Discovery" illuminates the world class advancements in science and technology, energy, and national security at the National Laboratories, a national success story in which all Americans should recognize and take pride.

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