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Well gang, we’ve done it again. We’ve made a full rotation around the sun and we’re back after 940 million kilometers to share our favorite interactives, quizzes and maps of 2015. Click each to explore the most interesting energy topics of 2015.

1)   How Much Carbon Do Countries Emit?

With the recent climate change negotiations in Paris at COP21, we wanted a handy tool to compare our carbon emissions to other nations that we were working with. This interactive let’s you explore your national and state footprint as it compares with other countries, both big and small. The results may surprise you!

2)   Quiz: Know Your Power Plants

2015 was the year of the quiz here at How well do you think you understand the distribution of each energy sector in our country? This quiz tests that knowledge. Good Luck!

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3)   Wind Vision

Wind has grown substantially over the last 10 years. Over the next 35 years, we expect it to grow even more rapidly, especially as offshore wind power adds viability to much of the Southeast and East Coast. Watch it grow!

4)   Climate Change and the U.S. Energy Sector

One of the things we are most grateful for in 2015 is the forward progress we are making in combatting climate change. The negotiations at COP21 in Paris were certainly influenced by reports like this one -- highlighting both the vulnerabilities of the energy sector and the strategies that can make us more resilient to climate threats. This map breaks down those climate-related threats and strategies across every region of the U.S.  

5)   30 Years of U.S. Solar Industry Growth

Two years ago we got to see how fast wind power has grown in the United States. This year, we were able to put some equally exciting data on the map for the solar industry. Looking at this map, you can really see how the rapidly falling overhead costs for solar projects is leading to almost exponential growth in the solar industry. Check it out!

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